be professional

Be.Professional, was created to allow you to create beauty. The amalgamation of refined elegance on the outside with eco-innovating technology inside offers you everything you could imagine in one stunning package. Be.Professional offers premium tools, along with the support of our customized education.

The marriage of Thermolon™ and Be.Professional has brought our styling products to the next level of elite hair tools. The Thermolon™ coating, combined with plates that quickly and evenly heat up to 450°F, means that you have in your hands the highest quality professional tools, which are easy to clean, simple to maneuver, ergonomic, effective and eminently durable.

The Thermolon™ coatings improve on the properties that Tourmaline Ceramic and Titanium coatings offer, in a less toxic, eco-innovative and gentler package.

As pioneers in the hair tool industry, Be.Professional continues to set the standard in quality and Stylist relationship-building. We want to support our stylist community partners as they design and create the gorgeous hairstyles of their dreams. We want you to help your clients to look beautiful, so that you look good in their eyes, too. Working with our styling tools will improve the integrity of the hair as well as the integrity of the stylist and make your world filled with beauty.

The Benefits of Thermolon

Easy to clean, non-stick surface

Because of its non-stick coating, there is no chemical build-up and cleaning is simple. By passing a microfiber tower over it surface, you will be not only keeping the plates clean, but also ensuring the durability of the product.


The coating has groundbreaking resistance against scratches and aggressive hair styling chemicals, which ensures that the styling tool retains a non-stick capability for much longer.

Free of Damage

Your ability to maneuver easily means that you will have seamless movement, shielding even thick hair from damage.

Uniform Heat

Thermolon™ distributes heat evenly and efficiently through the ceramic coating up to 450°F. This permits a direct energy-saving conduit for even, consistent heat distribution. As a result, you will have fewer passes through the hair, which saves time and protects the hair from excessive heat exposure.


The inorganic water-based mineral coating reduces toxic emissions by up to 60%, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.